Since 1981; that's over 30 years, Starbird, Inc. has been dedicated to the embroidery industry. That’s all we do. That’s all we’ve ever done. And because we have just one focus, your designs end up looking great. Our highly educated and experienced staff has many years of combined embroidery experience. We use superior digitizing software, and proudly say that we strive for the best customer service found anywhere.

Starbird has the most experienced artists and digitizers - and they understand a customer’s needs. All of artists have art degrees. When they begin working at Starbird they learn how to plan designs and place stitches. They also spend time working with the embroidery machines. Our goal is to make sure the design runs well in your shop, so it’s essential that we run it first in ours.

Only after an artist is well-versed with the art and sewing process are they eligible to move into our punching area.

At Starbird we believe that superior results come from superior techniques. We have invested in the most precise digitizing equipment available to ensure that our customers get the highest-quality results. Our digitizers are continually exploring new technology and new stitching techniques to ensure that our product remains on the cutting edge of your business.

The Internet has provided a great opportunity for excellent customer service and easy retrieval of embroidery designs. We create personal, private webpages for each of our customers. These webpages contain an archive of all ordered designs. Customers can access their own private archive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The archives are complete with a link to download the design, a photo of the sewn design, design information, and color break information. It's very convenient - and you can even place an order on-line.

Garments are embroidered one stitch at a time, and each and every stitch is important. Starbird’s philosophy is that each and every detail is important. Your order receives constant and personal attention, because we know that you have customers, too. We know that attention to detail turns average embroidery into extraordinary embroidery – and we’re committed to extraordinary embroidery.

And we work fast, too. We know that if you can meet your customer’s deadlines, your business grows. Most designs are delivered within 2-3 days, and rush services are completed in 1 day.

Quality, expertise, and execution makes our embroidery stand apart from the rest. Education, experience, and commitment to the time-honored tradition of personal, attentive customer service makes Starbird stand apart from the rest. When you want the best digitizing center for your embroidery needs, contact Starbird.

We can be contacted at:
Starbird Inc.
6361 Sunfish Lake Ct NW, Suite 300
Ramsey, MN 55303
Phone: 763-509-3300

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