Artwork is the first step to create an embroidery design. We prefer camera-ready artwork, as well as a detailed list of color placement. If you do not have camera-ready artwork, we can work with what you have. If you have faxes, business cards, napkins, hand sketches, or existing embroidery, we can work with it. If you don't have a hard copy of your art, send us the disk or e-mail the file as an attachment to your order. We can accept many types of graphic files that are saved in the PC format. If we have questions about the art, we'll contact you. Once we have the art, the digitizing begins.

Upon completion of the design, we will return the art to you if you specified a return on your order. We can produce most file formats. In addition to the requested format, we will supply a detailed worksheet that describes the tape number, stitch count, color sequence, and other such details. You will also receive a sewn sample for your approval, on the type of fabric you specified (e.g. Pique'). It will be the very sample we proofed on your behalf, sewn on our production machines. Of course, the sample cannot be put into e-mail, but we mail out samples every day.

Terms of Sale

Starbird's terms of sale are either C.O.D., credit card, or net 30 basis. Credit sales of net 30 days are extended if the customer has provided acceptable references as required by Starbird.

All ownership and title of product sold remains with Starbird until payment has been received and cleared through the banking system. After that time, the design becomes the property of the customer.

Custom Embroidery Digitizing Charges

Artwork Creation:

Our art department is now ready to help you create and design logos for embroidery or screen-printing purposes. We have talented artists just waiting to help you. Whether you have an idea for a logo, or if you just want us to use our artist's creative talents in designing your logos, Starbird can take care of your needs. Please call or e-mail for a quote.

24/7 File Downloading